Experiencing a second disaster right when the first disaster is still happening is something we don’t want.

But this does not mean it is impossible to happen.

It does not hurt to be proactive and be ready during a series of unfortunate events. After all, natural calamities are beyond our control.

What we can do, however, is to develop a proactive mindset that is reactive to sudden emergencies. This will lead to doing the right thing even during two disasters (or more) occurring simultaneously.

Below are some scenarios that may occur and ways on how to respond to them, thus saving money and more importantly, yourselves.


Scenario 1. Fixing house due to typhoon or hurricane then suddenly a fire happens due to short circuit.  

Make it a habit to listen to the news, weather news to be precise. In doing so, you’d know what to prepare for. For possible extreme weather, do the following:

  • Check the weakness of your house
  • Clear away outdoor items
  • Trim the trees
  • Install storm shutters
  • Have standby power

Stay alert. Know where to go just in case evacuation is needed. Have your go bag ready and make sure your gas tank is full.

After a strong hurricane has ended, the first thing you have to do is to check the damage inside your house.  And determine if your place is badly damage. Broken roofs on the road, water supply cut off as well as electricity and phone outages, not to mention your house can be a mess since some of your windows could be broken.

Just when you are in the midst of finally getting back on your feet after a strong weather storm, another issue arises. A fire hits your basement most probably because of a short circuit brought about by the recent disaster.

How to protect yourself from being hurt:

  • Wear protective gears (glovesbootshard hatmaskgoogles) 
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy
  • Familiarize your house so you’d know where to find important areas such as water cutoff values or electrical circuit breakers
  • Let a family member know where in the house you are as you fix your house, or if possible, have someone assist you

Scenario 2. Buying medicine for a sick family member then going back to your house the road is totally flooded from a busted water pipe. 

Responding to a medical emergency should be done quickly but also safely. As each second counts, having a sound mind is a must.

  • Make sure the patient has the necessary identification card needed should confinement to the hospital is needed.
  • Pack some towels, slippers, socks, jacket, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, and shampoo.
  • Do not forget to bring maintenance medicine.

As you drive to the hospital, keep on checking on your sick family member how he is doing.

Even during another disaster, the well-being of the sick person must be the top priority.

And should it become impossible to pass through the road due to a busted water pipe, waste no time in calling 911. They will know a couple of ways on how to take the sick person to the hospital.

Scenario 3. Being Laid off from Work Due to the Pandemic and then Quarantining from Home.  

The moment you work for a company, you must know that nothing is permanent.

Of course, you should do your best. But you must also have a fallback just in case you don’t get regular or worst, you are laid off. And having other sources of income, aside from your regular job, is vital.

With this pandemic, nothing is certain even if you are working for a multinational company.

But returning to your parents is not that easy nowadays. Spending 14 days (more or less depending on the country) in a hotel to quarantine is a must and so is having a swab test.

Indeed, it is costly and tiring. But being with your family during this dark time is the best decision you can have.

Just make sure you are not only physically, but also mentally prepared for what is to come.

That’s why knowing what to do in an event like this will save you, your family, as well as money.

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